• Goods will be delivered to the address stated by the Buyer as the delivery address in an order. Delivery options – we are using standard shipping companies, using our own cars or you can pick up goods in our retail store.
  • You have to pick up goods within seven days from an order or reservation date in case of the in-store pick up delivery.
  • We are shipping all goods available on stock maximally within seven working days after an order confirmation. Shipment will be send after we receive payment in to our account in case you selected a bank transfer payment type. Customer will be informed about shipping via e-mail. Delivery date will be confirmed by e-mail for all goods which are not available on stock.
  • All available versions and options of goods are in the online store. It’s not possible to order anything specific.
  • We attach an invoice to all orders. This invoice serves as warranty certificate.
  • Goods are dispatched directly from our stock. In-store pick up is possible only after a previous order confirmation in our e-shop or after a confirmation by a phone. Such order will be ready for pick up on a specific agreed date.

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